Saturday, July 23, 2011

What I learned by doing the research paper on BIO-FUEL

When I arrived at home yesterday around 7:00 P.M. , there was a power failure. Although I wanted to be under fan in order to relax, I didn’t get that opportunity because of this power issue. I understood that there should be some alternative energy sources in order to contribute to the national electricity generation. Therefore, I decided to study about bio-fuel, how it is beneficial and how we can produce bio-gas at home.
Firstly, I learned what bio-fuels are. Bio-fuels have three main types. They are solid bio-fuels, liquid bio-fuels and gaseous bio-fuels. Firewood which we can find everywhere is a solid form of bio-fuel. Bio-ethanol and bio-diesel provide examples for liquid matter. The most common bio-fuel category is bio-gas. Although I don’t know all forms of bio-fuel other than bio-gas theoretically, after doing the research paper, I learned about them more.
Secondly, I studied the benefits of using bio-fuel. As bio-fuel is eco-friendly form of energy, it doesn’t harm the environment. People can sell firewood to increase their incomes. There are some plants which contain oil seeds. People can grow them in degraded lands due to infertility. Thus, people are able to make use of barren lands too. Above all, bio-gas is one of the best made to generate electricity and cooking gas for domestic purposes at cheap price.
Third, I acquired knowledge how to setup a bio-gas unit at home. Years and years, I was wondering how to make bio-gas unit at my court yard from animal and plant waste. Because of the research, I learned that it is not a hard task. It is needed only some barrels with lids, pipes, tubes and manure. I was delighted when I realized it also powered by the nature.
In conclusion, when doing the research on bio-fuels, I learned what bio-fuels are, what the benefits of them are and how to set up a bio-gas unit at home premises as well as how it works.  By working on the research paper, I enjoy searching for details and reading them as this is my favorite field that I wished to study beyond one day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Qualities of a good friend...........

The friends, who are parts of our lives, have many good qualities, such as trustworthiness, honesty, and understanding between friends. Being trustworthy is one of the best qualities of a friend. It plays a vital role when friends share their secrets. If someone is not honest to his friend, the friendship is not going to exist because relationships depend mainly on honesty. Improving understanding between each other is also another good quality to have in a friend; because if there is not understanding between friends, it’s hard torecognise which kind of a person is the friend. Therefore I think that trustworthiness, honesty, and being understandable are the good qualities of a friend.

If someone needs to be educated.................

If someone needs to be an educated person, he or she needs to be a good student. Therefore, there must be obedience, punctuality, and dedication to be a good student. First of all, the student must be obedient to both teachers and parents. Respecting teachers’ advises is a major characteristic of a good pupil. A learner should be punctual as to get all the lessons without missing any parts of the lesson. Although a student is obedient and punctual, he can’t be successful unless he is dedicated to his studies. To conclude, if we are to be a good student, we need to be obedient, punctual, and dedicated. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Help for those who do OCPJP exam of java (Methods of String class )

In  this video, you can learn about the methods in String class of java programming language. Although it contains many methods , I tried to present them in a memorable way. Hope you will enjoy.If there are any questions, contact me. I am ready to help you regarding this lesson.

Places I love to visit one day..............

There are lots of destinations that I wish to visit one day. Although it is out-side of my country, I wish to travel land by land, sea by sea and country by country. I focus on my favorite places in the world in here. I hope everyone would love them.
Manhattan, New York

This place is a highly populated and one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Visiting Manhattan provides everyone at least single option to satisfy him or herself. This city consists of lush greenery and open Central Park, breathtaking Rockfeller center, symbolic colossal statue Liberty and world famous yellow cabs.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu in Peru which is located in mountainous area 
above the UrubambaValley is the land of ancient Incas. This great city was hidden
until Hiriam Bingham, a Yale lecturer, discovered it in July, 1911.
This was initially built in middle of15th century and was said to 
have been deactivated for 3 centuries.

City of London, England

 City of London is also one of the best demanding tourist cities in the world similarly to New York. Also it is a highly populated city. Anyone can visit and enjoy the beauty of the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace are the locations where pieces of architectural beauty can be seen while Whilst Hyde Park, Kensington Park, and
Regent’s Park are the places where give the natural beauty to the city.

Venice, Italy

 I consider Venice in Italy is the most romantic city in the world. Apart from that, Venice is popular for canals which provide romantic rides and commuter travel within the city.This attractive city consists of many noble buildings with amazing architecture. For instance, Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo and Piazza San Marco increases the affinity of this marvelous city.