Friday, November 29, 2013

Mind Blowing Engineering in My Eyes :Industrial Engineering

I believe that engineering is an interesting and innovative field to move forward I’m a curious person to know the inside of equipment which is seen in the day to day life. Therefore, I decided to be an engineer believing that I’m good in mathematics and science. However, I specially chose industrial engineering among many other engineering fields because it is a flexible carrier which I can work on different subject areas; it is predicted as a high demanding job now and in the future; I enjoy getting the knowledge how things work and how to make things function better.

First, industrial engineering is all about finding more productive, easier, safer and less expensive solutions to get a better outcome from a process. It can be applied to living beings, information, machinery, materials, or energy.  According to the “Introduction to Engineering class materials”, industrial engineers can work in manufacturing, banking, airport or transportation design, health care, distribution and logistics. It means that industrial engineering is a flexible profession which we can work on any area we want. For example, I always wanted to work with cars and planes, but I didn’t like spend my time with engines as mechanical engineers do. However, being an industrial engineer, I still can work with the designs of the vehicles.  Moreover, even I’m not going to be a doctor or nurse, I have opportunity involve in the health care field being an industrial engineer (engineers). Therefore, industrial engineering is the best choice for me because of its flexibility.

Second, industrial engineering is a highly demanding job in coming years. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, they are expecting only a 6 percent increment in industrial engineers in the period of 2010-2020 which is a slower growth rate than all other professions. Moreover it says that employers are more attracted to industrial engineers because of their versatility and it is not categorized to an exact field like mechanical or computer science engineering. They also believe the demand for industrial engineers to increase by 14 percent. In addition, according to statistics, industrial engineers’ annual median wage was $ 76 100 in 2010 (Statistics, 2012). Thus, there is a less risk to find a job as an industrial engineer in the future.

Third, as a kid, I used to see and help my father when he was working with engines and making small cupboards with wood and he taught me to work with him. When I grow up, I decided to search and work on making new things which are productive and efficient for people.  I don’t like to spend the time with the engines or computers, but I like to read and think more and come up with ideas which can be turned into efficient products with the help of computers and other machinery. After reading many articles, talking to many people and researching, I decided industrial engineering is the best choice for my life path.

In conclusion, I selected engineering because it is a versatile industry which allows me to work in many fields; it has a high demand and a job with increasing opportunities; Personally, I like to spend time thinking and imagining about how things work which exact needs for being an industrial engineer. Therefore, I think that industrial engineering a great opportunity to make future a success.


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The Philosophy of Engineering for the Burj Khalifa- The world’s tallest structure

I attended a special lecture by Lawrence C. Novak which is organized by the civil engineering department of the University of Texas Arlington. In the lecture, the guest speaker, Novak, spoke about the world's tallest building, " Burj Khalifa", which is built in Dubai.
Burj Khalifa
The faculty member of civil engineering introduced the speaker, Lawrence C. Novak, to the audience as the Director of Engineering Buildings of the Portland Cement Association. He has served as the lead structural engineer for the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building while he was an Associate Partner with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Moreover, the faculty member introduced Novak as an impressive interactive demonstrator. Novak introduced himself and then continued the talk towards the world’s tallest buildings. Then he directed the conversation towards the Burj. He emphasized the structure, and wind engineering.

Novak used a chart to show where Burj stands when he lists the tallest buildings. It is a building which has a height of 2716.5 feet which is considered as the tallest building and the freestanding structure in the world. It is a multipurpose building consisting of residencies, cooperate suits, hotels, and recreation facilities with an observation deck on the level of 124.  The structure itself has an attractive floor design which a shape of “Y” has based on the flower hymenocallis. He said that it is a popular design in Islamic architecture.  This building is composed arranging three elements around the central core. The stability of the building depends on the three elements around the center.

Burj is a tall structure. Therefore, Novak said that the wind was a major problem to them because it swings when there is a wind. In addition to wind issue, there were more problems they had to overcome. One of them is pressure and temperature changes with the height and its effects of the building with the weather conditions in Dubai.