Monday, June 16, 2014

My Views

If you founded your own college or university, what topic of study would you make mandatory for all students to study and why? How would this class benefit students?

College or university education plays a vital role in a person who is willing to learn more.  In this important period, everyone takes many different classes and learn bunch of theories in order to get the degree. Some succeed while some fail during this process. There can be many reasons behind it, but as far as I believe, concentration on mind and the body strength can make an enormous influence in a person’s success and the failure. Therefore, if I founded my own college or university, I would make subjects based on developing mind concentration mandatory for all students.

I would like to make mind and body developing subjects or activities such as different styles of yoga, meditation or a martial art mandatory for all students because it improves personal disciplines and understanding about their own selves.  Mind has an ability to make a person completely negative as well as positive changing the confidence to face a challenge. Students will find time to think about their breath and body.  These kinds of activities can change the harmful behaviors such as drug addiction.  However, as a person who practices yoga and meditation, I can feel the difference in my mind and body after I started practicing. Once I talked to a shaolin kung-fu master at Fort Worth. He told me kung fu is all about working hard to build up the patient, strength, courtesy and respect towards others and endurance. Moreover he said, when someone practices kung-fu in a passionate manner, he will be the last person to get in to a fight. Therefore, I think that these subjects will give students many benefits with a moral effect.

This class benefits students in numerous ways. Most of students complain about their busy life styles and how hard to allocate time even though they want to practice. By this, they will get a chance to start yoga, meditation or martial art. It will allow them to decide how far they should go with it. They will be able to spend at least 50 minutes per week with themselves.  The more they practice the more they will be able to calm down their minds, their memory power and thinking ability will increase. They will become less aggressive and will practice courtesy and respect towards others. It also will increase the self-confidence eventually. All these help to succeed in their majors and to lead a peaceful and less stressful life style. Simultaneously, it will increase their flexibility and strength of the body which will help to protect themselves from diseases and reduce the probability that they get in accidents.

In conclusion, if I founded a college or university I would like to make mind and body developing subjects mandatory for all students because it increases the possibility to succeed in their major studies as well as in their majors. Moreover, when they become both mentally and physically strong, it will give them the happiness because they are capable of doing something impressive. 

SAP Modules- Basic Navigation

Executive summary
This paper discusses briefly about the experience I acquired through the assignment on SAP. This assignment allows using a basic navigation tools and to get help guides that helps using SAP productively.


SAP is a complex enterprise resource planning software with a large number of functions. However, without having basic control knowledge, it is difficult to work with complicated software. Therefore, this assignment is helpful to solve complex situations related to enterprises with eventually progressing skills with SAP.

The objective of this assignment is to give a proper introduction to the user about some concepts.
  • ·         Log on to an SAP system
  • ·         Identify transaction codes
  • ·         Access information in the SAP library
  • ·         Use the help keys such as F1 and F4.
  • ·         Make various user defined settings
  • ·         Maintain your favorites

Results and Discussion

After navigating through SAP software, there are a few key points I have noticed.
·         The GUI made me feel easy and interested in the further usage of the software.
·         Even though GUI was interesting, I had to struggle to find some functions. Without prior knowledge or any kind of instruction, it is bit hard to find the specific functions we are looking for.
·         Sometimes, the instructions were not enough or bit confusing to follow what it mentions.

·         However, I believe that once one is familiar with functions of the software for a specific task, this is very user friendly software. 

SAP Modules-Materials Management (MM)

Executive summary
This paper discusses briefly about how basic usage in SAP software using SAP easy access menu. In this activity, we use some of the functions related to production planning in the Global Bike Inc. such as displaying the Stock/Requirement list, a bill of material, a multi-level BOM, routing, routing and a BOM simultaneously and work center. Moreover, the paper also presents background details, objectives of the assignment and the key findings following the given guidelines.
SAP is a complex enterprise resource planning software with a large number of functions. However, without having basic control knowledge, it is difficult to work with complicated software. SAP Easy Access Menu plays a vital role in using SAP software. It allows us to navigate through the software and perform required functions without knowing technical codes. We use the Global Bike Inc. as the enterprise which is based on the US and Germany. We consider the some transactions occurred in the Global Bike Inc. In this assignment, we mainly focus on “logistics” and “accounting” terms in the Easy Access Menu.
The objective of this assignment is to familiarize with the daily transactions and determine how SAP works with those systems.
·         Using the SAP Easy Access Menu to
o   Display the Stock/Requirement list
o   Display a bill of material
o    Display a multi-level BOM
o   Display a routing
o   Display a work center
·         Using the Engineering Workbench to display a routing and a BOM.

Key Findings
After navigating through SAP software and working with its basic functions, there are a few key points I have found out.
·         We can properly see the requirement list for the bikes
·         Using SAP, we can observe how much finished goods are available and how the scheduling is done.
·         Moreover, we can schedule the operations according to the time calculations.

·         We can check the Gantt chart related to operations scheduling.