Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Differences and Similarities of Natural and Artificial Feeding Methods

The father’s face filled with a fruitful and delighted smile when his first baby came to his hands while the mother was trying to feed the child with her breast milk. When the child is growing up, mother receives advice to nourish the kid with bottle milk. However, there are similarities and differences between bottle feeding and breast feeding.

First, we consider breast feeding. As we all know, breast milk comes from mother’s breast to feed her offspring turning red blood into purified white milk. It consists of perfect balance of nutrients of high levels of standards. A child can easily digest and absorb. It always keeps the perfect temperature. Moreover, milk is available at any time and any place exclusive of any preparation time. However, the mother should always be with the kid in order to nourish the child. Furthermore, mother should have to interrupt some certain medicine that can be harmful to baby. The most important fact is that it is totally free. Besides, it improves the love and bond between offspring and mother.

Second, we have a look at the account of bottle feeding. Mother has to prepare bottle milk from water and milk powder. It’s not as efficiently utilized as breast milk. The nutritional content depends on proper preparation. Unlike breast milk, some babies have difficulties with tolerating certain nutrients. On the contrary, anyone can feed the baby other than the mother. It takes some time to prepare the bottle full of milk; mother must be careful about warming formula also. In addition, bottle milk ranges some amount per month.
Breast feeding and bottle feeding methods also have some facts in common too. Breast feeding as well as bottle feeding provides a child with proper nutrients and helps in the growth of the child. Although it is hard to child to get used to bottle milk, he or she will love it by the influence of time.
In conclusion, even though there are many differences between bottle milk and breast milk feeding methods, there are similar points too to illustrate the connection.

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