Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My favorite location to be when I want to be alone to study

             How lucky I would be, if I had calm, open, and natural environment at one place to focus on my studies without any cost. I love calmness and silence. And I like open, and wide areas where I can see the unlimited sky. Similarly, I love to stay in touch with nature. Therefore, the best place I found to be alone to study is the second floor roof garden of my home.
            The silence and tranquility are the most leading features that I consider when I choose a place to study. As the roof garden is away from the ground, there is no one is there to shout.It is silent even the sound of a nail falling can be heard. I love that place especially because I can maintain concentration for reading with less disturbances.
            When there is open area to the unlimited sky, the limit of free and creative ideas and thoughts are also unlimited. I feel free like a bird. As my favorite color is blue, I love to be where there is a background of blue. The clean, fresh air touches me smoothly.Furthermore, it makes me feel happy and enthusiastic. Therefore, it encourages me to study.
            A connection with the nature helps to relax the mind. The roof garden consists of roses of many colors, Jebras, Anthuriums and some vegetables grown on the roof garden. One of the most common sights in my garden is butterflies who are moving around flowers searching for their food. It's obvious that when we are with nature, we forget  all the burdens that we have. Same theory is applicable for studying also. Moreover, it helps to focus on studies.
            In brief, I love my roof garden as a place where I can study because it connects me with the nature; It brings me tranquility and silence; It also provides me attractive blue background along with the sky, 

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