Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Should everyone pay income taxes and all other taxes?

            Taxes are one of the main sources of income for the government. They contribute to the development of infer-structure facilities, to ameliorate economy of the country, and to reduce gap between rich and poor. Therefore, everyone must pay income taxes and all other taxes.
             Firstly, the government services public to the development of infra-structure facilities. When someone pays his or her electricity or telephone bills, some amount of each bill goes to taxes. That amount will help to authorities to widen the networks to a large area. Moreover, when communication and power supply are well provided, those areas also develop having new roads, highways along with proper gully systems. Hence, with the help of taxes, the government can develop infra-structure.
              Secondly, the government makes use of money come from tolls to ameliorate the economy of the country. As Sri Lanka is in critical economic crisis, taxes are used to pay debts which are given at high interest rate. It helps to reduce the prices of consumer items, and to decrease the interest rate of loans for novel entrepreneurs. Emerge of new successful businesses are the roots of a successful economy. Thus, the economy will be better when we pay taxes.
            Thirdly, the authorities can use taxes to reduce the gap between rich and poor. The revenue come from all kinds of taxes uses to give loans at low interest to destitute to form new means of making money. It paves the way people to make more revenue in order to live a better life. Furthermore, the government provides public with free education and medication on public schools and hospitals, respectively. Consequently, poor children can be successors with the help of free education achieving best levels in education. Moreover, anyone can take free medication according to patients’ need. Accordingly, taxes help to reduce the gap between rich and poor.
                In brief, everyone must pay income taxes and all other taxes in order to improve infra-structure facilities, to make a better economy status, and to lessen the gap between rich and poor. Therefore, taxes pays a vital role in the development of a country. 

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