Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seeing the Light through Darkness

       Having a human life is like finding a gem from manure according to the Buddhism. Bad friends who meet in our life can lead one’s valuable life to dark. Drugs also can be a main cause someone to get lost his or her path. Family backgrounds can misguide a person. Bad friends drugs, and family backgrounds are the main reasons to misdirect person’s life.
            First, associating with bad friends can mislead one’s life. If a child has a friend who misses his schoolwork, the child also learns to neglect them. Psychologists have said that children learn imitating people around them, especially friends. Therefore, the child must have a good companionship.  Similarly, the lord Buddha also has preached that there are 4 kinds of friends to associate with who have good characteristics, and there are another 4 kinds of friends who lead us towards the sin. If anyone can’t get rid of bad friends he or she will have to sing “We real cool. We left school. We……”
            Second, addicting to drug is one of other major causes to a person to be misled. As we all know, in Sri Lankan, when a man drank overdose, the man with 2 legs will come back home with 4 legs in the night. He never can save money for himself. In many countries, some young crowd have addicted to drugs such as heroine. It causes them to have mental illnesses and weird behaviors such as having half opened yellowish eyes, sleepy, but sometimes they seem to be active unusually. They don’t work for themselves to successful. As I’ve heard, most of time, they will have to count grills.
            Third, the family background plays a vital role in one’s life to protect from misdirection. When a child’s parents quarrel, it will affect their child’s mind to be a violent person. Researchers have shown that even the child is in the cot, he will feel when his mother is sad. Children always take their parents as the role models. For instance, my brother never takes any kinds of drugs taking my father as an example. Mainly, a child is misguided when he or she doesn’t get the love he expects from the family. As a result of not having a pleasant family environment, a person can go on stray in search of love from outside, and most of time, he will be in trouble.
             In conclusion, I think that associating bad friends, drug abuse and unpleasant family background are the major reasons to one’s misdirection. Although it is hard to make understand that particular person that he is misguided, we can help them to recover when they understand it one day to make a happy life for the.

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