Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Westerners in China: Opportunities they don’t find elsewhere: Impression of China

China is one of the immensely emerging most powerful countries in the world. As a result, many young move to China seeking opportunities. The article “A Tale of Two Expats” in the Economist and CCTV interview convey lots of details about young expats. Accordingly, young expats who migrate to China find many opportunities that they can’t see anywhere else.
                Firstly, they find number of job opportunities in many aspects. According to the sayings of Alison Friedman in the interview, she says that she has got the chance to explore new creations which nurture modern dancing along with Chinese influence. Also it has paved the way for her to start her own business to get in to competitive economy of China. Expats get many random brass rings due to family networking in trade. For instance, Rachel started acting in soap operas because of a stranger. In addition, the article claims that expats can widen their businesses as they always get opportunities to move forward in a society with less expats. Hence, these youth live better lives having interesting earning methods.           
Secondly, expats have comfortable life styles rather than in their homelands. As the article notes, Most of foreign workers in China are well paid. They can hire maids to help their day-to-day work. Thus, they spend time in a luxurious way in China. In addition, expats work with the most skillful staff which helps them handle responsibilities easily. Similarly, they are able to have delicious Chinese food apart from their usual meals. Moreover, Zha Jianying explains in the interview about how Chinese treats one of her American friends who lives in Asia in a highly reputed manner. They easily emerge from society as important.  Therefore, China is a paradise for expatriates to live like kings.
                Thirdly, juveniles have their education in a pleasant culture through globalization. As a result of globalization, a large number of youth arrive at China to learn about Chinese culture and many other subjects. They laud the development in trade, transport and currency. They also convey that the tremendous transformation in economy and information leads them to come to China for education. Many appreciate the community for being helpful to them. For example, Alison shares her experiences when she first comes to China how one man is grateful to her. Moreover, many students express their ideas about how globalization affects life in China what makes them come to China. They say that China is a great destination to learn about different cultures, international affairs and economy.
                In brief, young expats in China experience many advantages improving their impression for China by achieving a lot of means of earnings, learning possibilities, and having comfortable life styles rather than in their motherlands.  Hence, China is one of the best destinations for young expats.

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