Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to deal with ANGER

            When I entered my room, it was messy, spreading my pillows everywhere. I asked my mother what happed. She said that my brother got angry and that he reacted by going crazy. Then I decided to write an essay for him when he was calm on how to not to lose his temper as there is no point in telling him.

            First, count one – ten a few times ascending and descending. One of the simplest steps to lessen anger is counting. It lets you breathe well. Then, the new air enters to your lungs helps to purify hot tempered blood vessels. It also leads to a fresh feeling to smile forgetting anger.
            Second, if the first step doesn’t work, you can move to another action; it is thinking of something that you love to recall. For instance, you can remember the most romantic walk you had with your lover. It will bring a blushing delighted face to you. We are always cheery when we have our favorite memories in our minds. Therefore, it can use to overwhelm outrage.
            Third, if all of the above methods don’t work, I’m pretty sure that listening to music or watching a movie will be successful. In other words, we can name it as entertaining our minds. If you watch your favorite movie once again when you are irritated, it adapts a completely different attitude than you were a few minutes ago. Moreover, you can listen to your favorite song. It will remind you of the facts that mean to you in the song. Hence, entertaining your mind is one of the most triumphant remedies for being angry.
            In conclusion, if you follow these steps carefully and practice them in the long run, you will get rid of having lose your temper and decorate your face with a cute smile as long as possible. As a result, according to the saying, you will be handsome as you are not getting angry. Otherwise, your beautiful face will be ugly and you have to be in unpleasant mode at the present of others.

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